Engler has "little understanding": Pur singer is angry with unvaccinated people

Engler has “little understanding”
Pur singer is angry with unvaccinated people

Hartmut Engler is mad, really mad. The singer of the band Pur does not understand how you can “not get vaccinated” – the facts are on the table. But with some, hops and malt are lost, and that is when his willingness to discuss things ends.

Pur frontman Hartmut Engler is taking a hard line in the face of rapidly increasing corona numbers and overburdened hospitals with unvaccinated people. He had “little understanding for people who did not get vaccinated during this time and who withdrew from the whole thing for no reason,” said the 59-year-old shortly before his milestone birthday. “That makes me angry.”

In the debate about the syringe, private freedom must be weighed against solidarity. The facts are on the table. “And if one and one can no longer be two, then my willingness to discuss things quickly ends,” said Engler. “Then I just think that hops and malt are lost there.” Many people did not question the sources when reading texts. “And they disregard the fact that facts can also convey an understanding of certain measures.”

The new album cannot do without the Corona issue

According to Engler, Pur intends to record a new studio album in the coming year. Of course, the band could not ignore the pandemic in their lyrics: “It is relatively clear that a new album will not do without the Corona issue at such a time,” said Engler, who will be 60 on November 24th. “I will certainly think carefully about the words that I then convey.”

Pur has been in business for decades and has won major music awards. The band sold millions of albums.

At the beginning of June her former drummer Martin Stoeck died. He died of cancer at the age of only 58. Stoeck was the permanent drummer at Pur from 1995 to 2015. The band gave their condolences on Facebook and wrote about a picture of Stoeck: “We had so many, unbelievably great moments on stage and backstage.” Above all, keep your zest for life and gummy bears in your memory.

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