England-Iran: Huge bug at the gates of the stadium, FIFA tinkers

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Several hundred spectators were unable to enter the stadium where the England-Iran match is taking place. And for good reason, the electronic ticket system is buggy.

England fans must be wondering if anyone has a grudge against them within the footballing governing body. A few months after the chaos to reach the final of the Champions League in Paris, it was this time before the entry into the running of the Three Lions at the 2022 World Cup that a technical problem prevented several hundred fans from England and Iran to gain access to Khalifa International Stadium (Doha). Informed of the concern, FIFA immediately communicated and explained the reasons for this major problem which should quickly be resolved.

Some spectators are currently experiencing an issue accessing their tickets through the FIFA Ticketing app. FIFA is working to resolve the issue. In the meantime, fans who cannot access their mobile tickets should check the email accounts they used to register for the Ticketing app for further instructions. In the event that supporters are unable to access their email accounts, the stadium ticket resolution point will be able to assist them. We thank fans for their understanding as we work to resolve the issue as soon as possible. said FIFA.

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