engineering after 12th science: Career Tips: If you want to do software engineering after 12th, then keep these things in mind – software engineering after 12th class

Engineering After 12th Science: In this era of technology, it is difficult to imagine a world without computers and internet. Everyone is somehow connected to this world and software and hardware runs this world of computer. Due to which this field has now become the best career option among the students. In today’s time lakhs of students want to make their career in this field. Students want that they can become a good engineer, be it a mobile engineer, a computer engineer or a software engineer. There are many students among them who have a lot of interest in computers and they want to become a software developer.

what is software engineering
Software engineering is that in which software etc. is made for computers and other devices. A software engineer makes software for computers and mobiles. Software engineer does the coding according to his skill and gives that code the form of a software. Software is a part of the computer itself, it is the systems visible inside the computer, which you cannot touch but can see.

Skills and Education to become a Software Engineer
If you want to become a software engineer then first you should pass 12th class. Also, to become a software engineer, you must have an interest in computers. On the other hand, if you become proficient in learning computers or their languages, then you can easily become a software engineer. To get into this field, it is mandatory to have Mathematics in 12th. After which you can take a degree in software engineering from any college or university. There are also some colleges or universities which offer courses without mathematics.
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software engineering course
If you want to do software engineering course from a good college, then you have to give entrance exam, which are of many types. Like- JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, AIEE etc. If the candidate passes in these national examinations, then he gets admission in various institutes and colleges in India for software engineering courses. Apart from this, there are many such institutes in India where software engineering is taught without any entrance exam. Apart from this, there are many institutes where you can also do diploma course in the field of software engineering.

can do this course

  1. B.Tech Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering
  2. B.Tech in Information Technology
  3. B.Tech in Software Engineering
  4. BSc in Information Technology
  5. BSc in Software Engineering
  6. BCA Bachelor of Computer Application
  7. BSc Bachelor of Computer Science
  8. polytechnic diploma computer science

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software engineering tasks

  • After completing the course the candidate becomes Software Engineering. After which he has to do many following tasks during his job. A software engineer creates software as per the requirement.
  • If there is any defect in the software, then it is the job of the software engineer to find the bugs and fix them so that the performance of the software can be improved.
  • Most of the time of a software engineer is spent in testing the software, they fix the defect or problem in it.
  • If the software engineer feels that a software program needs to be updated, then work to update it.
  • Apart from this, the job of a software engineer is to work on different types of projects in collaboration with a computer specialist.

jobs and careers
After completing the software engineering course, you will not have any shortage of work. You can work in both private and government organizations. If a candidate wants to work in the private sector, then he can work in the post of any private company, bank, school-college, software developer in finance department, software designer and programmer etc. At the same time, many job opportunities are also available in the government sector, where they can work in various departments and institutions of the central and state government.

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