Energy efficiency houses, the majority against the EU draft: “Disguised assets”. Reeds: 9 million buildings to be renovated

There majority is already on the barricades and Brothers of Italy threatens confrontation withEuropean Union on the draft of the new directive for the energy efficiency of buildings. The text has yet to be discussed by the industry commission of theEuropean Parliament and the battle is far from over even in Brussels. In fact, already a year ago the European Commission was forced to take a rapid step back on the revision project presented at the end of 2021, which even envisaged the prohibition to sell the houses with the worst energy performance. The new text has been softened, but still risks running aground in front of the over 1,500 amendments proposed by MEPs (the first vote in committee in the European Parliament is already slipped to February 9). Yet Fdi warmed up after the alarm raised by theReeds: According to the Homebuilders Association, as it reports today the messengerabout 9 million buildings out of 12.2 they should be refurbished already by 2030. The group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber, Thomas Fotiannounced one resolution “to ask that the government intervene to prevent the approval of a law that would harm millions of Italian property owners”. According to Foti, the EU directive is “one disguised assets which violates the rights of owners“.

What does the text say – Europe’s controversial breakthrough on emissions from public and private buildings is part of the package”Fit for 55”, which aims to reduce emissions in the EU. After the unsuccessful attempt a year ago, the new text provides that by January 1, 2030 all the residential properties they will have to be included in the energy class E. Three years later it will be mandatory to switch to class D. A promotion that requires a cut in energy consumption by around 25%, with interventions such as thermal insulation, replacement of fixtures, new condensing boilers, solar panels. To then get to the final goal of zero emissions in the 2050. The sanctionscompared to the previous version, are soften: the possible limitations on the sale or rental of houses for those who do not have the EU green sticker have been skipped. And it would still be up to the governments to decide what sanctions to applyas well as the automatic loss of value of non-compliant properties. The interventions also excluded the vacation homesi historical buildings officially protected, le churches and other places of worship. But also the independent homes with a surface inferior to 50 square meters.

The stages – The proposal for a directive was presented by the vice president of the EU Commission, Frans Timmermanyes, the December 15, 2021. With a reassurance addressed above all to Italy: “No Brussels bureaucrat will confiscate your house if it is not renovated”. The new text drafted by Brussels was to be discussed on 23 January by the Industry and Energy committee of the European Parliament. The next day the vote was expected, which in the meantime it has already been postponed to February 9th. At that point it could arrive in plenary in Strasbourg on 13 March. After the ok of the European Parliament, however, the remain negotiations among the EU member countries to finally reach thefinal approval.

Center-right attacks Brothers of Italy, however, plays in advance and “puts on guard from the European Union’s attempt to foist Italy with a disguised patrimonial property”. The parent company Foti attacks citing precisely the Ance data: “In Italy, where there is widespread real estate ownership, they would be 9 million the buildings to be renovated in times short, by 2030, according to the directive being studied by the EU. Europe can not download on Italian families the costs of transition energy“. According to Foti, the proposal also represents “a serious danger for banks” because “a generalized reduction in the value of Italian real estate assets would consequently bring about a problem credit“. And he assures: “The affair will be taken over by Meloni government to enforce the peculiarity of Italy in Europe, a nation with widespread real estate ownership and a building heritage dating back in time“.

If Foti mentions Ance, the vice president of the Senate Maurice Gasparri (of Forza Italia) underlines the “concerns of the president of Confidentiality, Giorgio Spaziani Testa”. “The vision of the European Union, also in this case, is absurdfrom nipforeign and hostile to reality”, accuses Gasparri. According to the Berlusconi senator, however, it is necessary to “put some order on the various ones incentiveson Ecobonus and on all the norms that can favor the regeneration of buildings for which Parliament should, as soon as possible, launch a new and modern one law national“.

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