Endometriosis: the daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut pushes a rant on Instagram

For a little over two years, the youngest daughter of Jean-Pierre-Pernaut, Lou, publishes regularly on Instagram, to the point of having acquired a certain notoriety there. Alas, the 19-year-old girl is already paying the price of “haters” on the social network, in particular because of her shapes.

Last Thursday, November 17, while some Internet users would like to see her post more often on her Instagram account, the young woman made a small update.

Hello friends! Right now I have a lot of endometriosis attacks. that prevent me from doing lots of productive things and living at 100%. That’s why today I would have liked to write about this disease. Who kills me 1 week / month for almost 10 years”, lamented Lou Pernaut in an Instagram story, encouraging his subscribers to find out about it.

Remember, this chronic gynecological disease, for which there is as yet no curative treatment, affects at least one in 10 women. severe disabling pain during menstruationbut also often during sexual intercourse, when going to the toilet, during ovulation or even at any time of the cycle.

In fact, pain and sometimes heavy bleeding have a significant impact on daily life and productivity. Some “endogirls” are thus obliged to take days off during their endometriosis attacks, due to excessive pain.

A study published in 2011 thus reporteda loss of 10.8 hours of work on average per week in women with endometriosis, mainly due to lower productivity. These fewer hours have resulted in significant pay cuts, a vicious circle from which it can be difficult to escape. Because employee absenteeism “created a dysfunction for the company and has a cost: replacing the employee at short notice, managing delays (production, delivery), losing quality of service, brand image, etc.”, which can lead to the dismissal or non-renewal of the contracts of “endogirls”, deplores the EndoFrance association in a white paper published in November 2020.

Better diagnosis, better treatment options and better management women with endometriosis are therefore more than essential so that this disease no longer rhymes with reduced productivity, absenteeism, difficulties at work and isolation.

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