End of the soap opera ‘Beyond Illusion’: Isadora exonerates Davi and makes a surprising revelation to her mother about Elisa

Us last chapters of the novel “Beyond the Illusion”, isadora (Larissa Manoela) will defend David (Rafael Vitti) of guilt in the murder of Elisa (Larissa Manuela) and tell the mother that her trauma and emotional block in relation to her sister’s image have come to an end. This only occurs after Violeta (Malu Galli) discovers the true identity of “Rafael”, in the six o’clock soap opera that airs the last chapter on August 19 with a happy ending for the good guys.

To be sure of her ex-fiancé’s innocence, Isadora even turns to her dead sister. Afterwards, she assures her mother that Davi did not kill Elisa, a crime to be confessed by Matias (Antonio Calloni) in Isadora’s frame. “David is innocent, Mom, you have to believe it! And we’re in love!”, says the dressmaker, whose other sister, Olivia (Debora Ozório) will be shot dead.

According to columnist André Romano, from “Observatório da TV”, Isadora at that moment talks about the end of her blockade – the young woman forgot her sister’s face a little after her murder. “But a lot of time has passed, a lot! Today his heart is mine. And I’m sure that Elisa blesses our romance, Mom, because I remembered her!”

“Now I close my eyes and see Elisa’s face clearly! And in my dreams, she turns to me, smiles and hugs me!”, completes Violeta’s daughter, touching her mother: “He managed to remember Elisa , my love? The emotional block then…”.

“He left, mom! At the exact moment I remembered Davi’s face, the trauma passed!”, she confirms, moved, in the booklet that will lead to “Mar do Sertão” (here you can check part of the cast and the main story ).

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