End of the soap opera ‘Beyond Illusion’: Davi has a decisive reunion with Rafael. What happens?

Us last chapters of the novel “Beyond the Illusion”, David (Rafael Vitti) and Raphael (Fabricio Belsoff) will have a decisive reunion after the magician finally manages to prove his innocence in the murder of Elisa (Larissa Manoela). In order to prove that he didn’t kill his then-girlfriend, the artist gets the help of Isadora (Larissa Manoela), with whom he gets a happy ending in the last chapter, on the 19th.

And in the reunion with Rafael, Davi is grateful for having been forgiven by the administrator and celebrates the happiness of the man whose identity he stole. “Iolanda Flores (Duda Brack) and Rafael Antunes. I’m happy to hear that they’re getting married. And that he’s forgiven me for using his name improperly, Rafael”, says the good guy.

“He needed that to protect himself. And after he got his name back, he insisted on giving me back my job. There’s nothing to forgive,” Rafael replies to Davi, who is almost killed by Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita). In addition to apologizing to the administrator, the magician manages to employ him in Isadora’s weaving.

It doesn’t hurt to remember that the fact that he stole Rafael’s identity is one of the reasons why Davi remains in prison even after Matias (Antonio Calloni) confesses that he killed his own eldest daughter. And with the end of the soap opera “Além da Illusion”, Globo starts showing “Mar do Sertão” from the 22nd.

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