End of “The Sisters” explained: Who dies in the last chapter of the Korean Netflix series?

“The Sisters” (“Little Women”), famous korean series who has conquered Netflix, came to an end with the broadcast of its chapter 12. Thus, with an exciting installment, we discovered how the first season of the project starring Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun and Park Ji-hoo ended.

As is known, this fiction tells the story of three sisters who have no one else in the world and, with hardly any money, find themselves involved in a conspiracy involving rich and powerful people.

ATTENTION SPOILERS. If you had any doubts with the outcome of the production, this note is for you. Next, we present you the ending explained (ending explained) of the Korean Netflix series


Towards the end of the first season of the series, oh in joo He is released after serving his prison sentence. 6 months in prisonhaving participated in the theft of 2 million won.

Arriving at her grandmother’s house, she is greeted by Hwan Young, who apologizes for involving her in this situation. Also, she explains that she had gone to Singapore hoping that she would live her big dream.

Later, oh in joo receive a call from Choi Do Ilwho convinces her to travel to Holland to find Oh In Hye. However, just as he was on his way, he abandons the flight upon discovering that his friend had been kidnapped by Won Sang Ah.

It is worth specifying that Hwa Young previously called a press conference where it was revealed that the millionaire was a murderer. In addition, an online application was launched that allowed people to access ledgers that had been burned, proving that the Jeongran Society was responsible for embezzling a sum greater than that of 70 billion won.

Secondly, Won Sang Ah killed the General Yang, while he was in his hospital room. Before leaving, the man manages to tell the woman that she would never lead the organization because she was “completely crazy”.

When oh in joo She arrives at the mansion to rescue her friend, discovers that it was all part of the murderer’s suicide plan. So, he tries to have a heart-to-heart with her and do everything he can to stop her.

However, in a struggle, Won Sang Ah ends falling into the pool of hydrochloric acid and dies instantly.

The poster of the series “Little Women” (Photo: Netflix)


Days later, the news reports that Won Sang Ah she was found dead in her home. Also, oh in kyung receives a document explaining how the General Won found the blue orchid and proved its worth during the Vietnam War. In this way, many questions are answered regarding his innocence in the embezzlement associated with the Jeongran Society.

hwa-young she recovers in hospital and is sentenced to a long sentence for her part in the embezzlement. So she thanks oh in joo for your support and promises to see you in the future.

Some time later, it is revealed that Oh In Hye and Park Hyo Rin they are with Choi Do Il In Panama. Likewise, we discovered that the latter managed to keep the 70 billion won in his account.

Thus, Oh In Kyung and Oh In Joo they are surprised when they receive an unexpected and large sum of money. Finally, their little sister wants to make sure they have the life they so deserve.

Three sisters had a radical life change in this South Korean production (Photo: Netflix)
Three sisters had a radical life change in this South Korean production (Photo: Netflix)

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