End of the novel ‘Beyond Illusion’: Davi receives Violeta’s request for forgiveness for Matias’ crime

Us last chapters of the novel “Beyond the Illusion”, Violet (Malu Galli) will apologize to David (Rafael Vitti) as soon as the magician prove his innocence in the murder of Elisa (Larissa Manoela). In addition to pardoning the ex/future boyfriend of daughter Isadora (Larissa Manoela), the businesswoman also apologizes to her sister, Heloísa (Paloma Duarte), because of the seamstress’ betrayal with Matias (Antonio Calloni).

In turn, Elisa’s killer takes over the crime when Isadora poses as her dead sister. And with the truth revealed, Violeta goes after the street artist, who spent almost ten years in prison, in soap opera whose last chapter airs on August 19with a happy ending for the good guys.

Who anticipates is the columnist André Romano (“Observatory of TV”). “I understand your reasons. I didn’t come here to judge you. I came to apologize for everything my husband did. It’s my fault that I didn’t suspect. I didn’t ask more, went back, tried to listen to you eleven years ago, when everything happened. And to think that fate arranged a train accident to bring you back into our lives. Or maybe I would never find out the truth about my daughter’s death”, she says, emotional.

It’s worth remembering that Violeta didn’t go to Davi’s trial (because of Isadora’s illness) and wasn’t even there for Elisa’s birthday, when the magician performed (the businesswoman had traveled because her father’s health had deteriorated).

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‘Beyond Illusion’: Davi reports protection to Isadora and touches Violeta


Davi then says that he decided to stay on the farm even at the risk of being discovered to protect Isadora de Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita). “When I saw where I was, I knew I had to leave. But then I heard Joaquim and Úrsula (Barbara Paz) talking about his marriage to Isadora and how the cretin would be heir to the weaving business, if something happened to her”, recalls the artist. street, humiliated by Matias (Antonio Calloni) when the ex-judge asks him for forgiveness in response to “Elisa’s request”.

“At the time I gave up running away to protect Isadora from those two bastards”, says the good guy leaving Violeta disconcerted. “So he gave up proving his own innocence, to protect Dorinha! He really is a very special boy. It was not for nothing that my two daughters fell in love with you”, extols the businesswoman.

“I really want to get to know you better, Davi, to know about your family, your past, where you studied, everything”, completes Violeta.

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