End of the duo Simone and Simaria? Find out what prevents the definitive separation of the singers

Simone and Simaria have already given numerous indications that the relationship between them is not going well. Among the facts that helped to reinforce the hypothesis are a public discussion on a TV show, an interview filled with accusations, cancellation of shows and even rumors of a fight with a threat from the police. In the midst of confusion, are the fans of the duo, who are still surrounded by uncertainties about the future of the duo.

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According to the column Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, The biggest obstacle to the end of the duo Simone and Simaria is the contract with the Universal Music label, signed since 2015. The publication states that there are no clauses on separation, but rather, questions about the delivery of albums and the image of the artists.

Also according to the journalist, to pursue a solo career, Simone and Simaria would need to sign new individual contracts, which would result in a financial loss, since the values ​​would not be the same. The column further states that neither of them would be willing to do such damage.



According to columnist Lucas Pasin, from UOL, Simone doesn’t want to make any career decisions until her sister returns to active duty. “Simone understands that her sister needs time for her. She understands that she needs to take care of herself,” said a person close to her.

However, an attitude by Simone reinforced the suspicions that there is an intention of a solo career. Last month, the sertaneja changed her Instagram user to @simonemendes. For years, she used the name @simoneses. The last three letters were an acronym for Simone & Simaria.

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