End of marriage in ‘A Place in the Sun’? Ilana irritates her husband, Breno, by approaching Gabriela

On novel “A Place in the Sun”, a crisis in Breno’s marriage (Marco Ricca) and Ilana (Mariana Lima) it will get even worse and make the ex-model strengthen ties with Gabriela (Natália Lage), with whom she will be involved. It doesn’t hurt to remember that the doctor and Rebeca’s friend (Andrea Beltrão) have already kissed in the past and upon discovering this the photographer got even more irritated with the woman, who lost one of her twin daughters in childbirth.

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According to TV columnist Daniel Castro, the scenes will air from next week on the nine o’clock plot, which ends on March 11. Gabriela and Ilana will see each other frequently and Cecília’s rival (Fernanda Marques) will say that her husband is experiencing grief more than she is.

“It’s just that I’ve always been kind of pragmatic. Unlike Breno, who is pure emotion”, compares the former model. “And the truth is that I feel, I don’t know, a little guilty for not diving with him in this grief. Mixing birth and death, like that, is an unthinkable thing”, completes Ilana.

The meetings between Ilana and Gabriela will leave Breno not satisfied even without knowing the subject of the conversations. To make matters worse, the photographer will not like to see the woman moving away from depression, thus leaving the couple therapy she does with Ana Virgínia (Regina Braga).

Soap opera ‘A Place in the Sun’: Lara ends up dating Christian

After being caught kissing with Christian/Renato (Cauã Reymond) by Elenice (Ana Beatriz Nogueira), Lara (Andreia Horta) will be humiliated by the bankrupt, who also reveals that the businessman is still married to Bárbara (Alinne Moraes). The pampered, in turn, will also catch the lovers and attempt against her own life.

Knowing the truth, the cook goes after the poor twin to put an end to the relationship. “This is the last time I come here. You lied to me, pretended to be someone you’re not. And the idiot here turned herself in, believed in you, didn’t she?”, he asks. The usurper, however, will think that she already knows that he is not Renato.

“Oh my God, I hate that kind of scene. It’s actually so embarrassing. I never charged you for anything. You didn’t have to. I know you’re still married,” Noca’s granddaughter continues. “Today, for the first time, it seems that I am seeing. You are different from your brother. Christian would never lie like that”, completes the innocent to Christian, who will reveal the truth about his identity to Barbara after being stabbed.

“Um Lugar ao Sol” will give way, if nothing changes, to the remake of “Pantanal”.

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