END OF LOVE? Who is the handsome guy next to Lucie Bílá?

No! Radek Filipi deceives the body. His almost one hundred and thirty kilograms is a tatam, Lucie Bílá he now has a well-drawn muscle man at home!

Lucie Bílá and Radek Filipi wished Lele a 33rd birthday.

“I got biceps a week before the race, so we had to postpone it for health reasons,” Filipi explained in Showtime what was behind such a drastic change. And they say it’s not over yet! “Six months of work with Jan Turk. It was my personal challenge, my personal duel, in the end we managed to get down 33 kg .. Thank you coach, we’re moving on…, “he addressed his words of thanks to his coach.

Despite the injury that shuffled the cards, Radek is in the best shape and is reaping the applause. And of course from your partner. “I respect my partner, but what I have witnessed for a few months now, I have to take off my hat… Hard work, renunciation, discipline, order, regime, determination !!! I am proud of you love…, “ she wrote him a moving message via Instagram.

Lucie Bílá: I don’t mind sitting in one ass on ten chairs! I want to build and employ people

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