End of life, Cappato: “Mario’s case shows how the law now in Parliament is useless, it restricts the possibilities of what can already be done”

“Here we are replaced by the statebecause it would have been a task of the Marche Region, the Government and the Parliament to avoid that for two years Federico Carboni was subjected, against his will, to unbearable suffering “. She said it Marco Cappatotreasurer of the Luca Coscioni Association, in the press conference convened yesterday, Thursday 16 June, in Senigallia to talk about first medically assisted suicide practiced in Italy. Cappato together with the president of the Association Filomena Gallo retraced the last hours of Federico Carboni, known until yesterday as’Mario‘, the first thought of going to Switzerland communicated in Cappato in 2000, and the subsequent struggle to obtain the right to die in his home, together with his loved ones. “In the case of Federico Carboni – added Cappato – we had to replace the State in the concrete implementation of a right that the State itself had recognized. Despite the words and respectful words of Minister Speranza, in fact nothing happened“. Cappato then underlined how, thanks to the battle of Carboni, the law currently under discussion in Parliament is “useless and counterproductive“. The text as it is, she explained, “would restrict the possibilities of what is already practicable today. And this Federico has shown to the world ”.

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