End of legislature, elections on 25 September: it had never happened. The stages of the vote

Rome, 22 July 2022 – Last Stand. You vote on September 25th. The first time in the autumn in politics since 1919. After 17 months of government of broad agreements, born to fight the pandemic and the vaccination campaign, the PNRR and the war in Ukraine, it ended yesterday with the premier Mario Draghi who resigned his resignation in the hands of the Head of State. As indicated by the Constitution, “the elections of the new Chambers take place within 70 days of the end of the previous ones”: that is, by 29 September. And the first meeting“of the new Chambers must take place no later than the twentieth day after the elections, therefore by mid-October 2022. It was set for October 13.

Putting an end to the legislature “is always the last choice to be made,” said the President of the Republic, aware of the fact that this time there was really no room left to continue government action. The parties will have to close the slates for candidates by 20/21 August (symbols at the Viminale between 12 and the August 14). “It will be #ViminaleBeach”, as already renamed by the outgoing parliamentarians and therefore the parties will have to choose alliances and candidates, then they will have to finalize the programs. The Draghi government, in charge of current affairs, on the other hand will have the task of putting in place some answers necessary to buffer the economic and social crisis and to respect the commitments with Europe, as well as international ones, starting with the diplomatic work necessary to face the consequences of the war in Ukraine.

After the defeat of the Senate – which approved the trust, but with just 95 votes in favor since M5S, Lega and Forza Italia did not participate in the vote – yesterday in the Chamber a long applause, also from the government benches, welcomed entry into the Chamber of Draghi who appeared moved. “First of all, thanks – said the outgoing premier – sometimes even the hearts of central bankers are used, thanks for the work done together”.

So Draghi he went up to the Quirinale and immediately after the cdm for the choice of the date of the elections was held, the September 25 precisely. “We must be very proud of the work we have done – said Draghi in cdm – at the service of all citizens. Italy has everything to be strong and credible in the world. Now we must maintain the same determination in the activity that we will be able to carry out in the coming weeks, coping with emergencies related to the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, inflation and the cost of energy. We must carry on with the implementation of the NRP. had with you individually. Now let’s get back to work“, he concluded, returning to the many open dossiers. Like the one on aid decree bis on which Palazzo Chigi is ready to intervene because it deals with important issues for citizens such as power And bills. For what concern Competition decreethere would already be a general agreement for write off the elements still divided, in particular the measures on taxis.

The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, 74, to the Chambers

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