End of “Eres tú” explained: Do Javier and Lucía stay together?

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. “It’s you”, a Spanish romantic comedy that premiered on Netflix on March 3, 2023, tells the story of Javier (Álvaro Cervantes), a man who from the age of 16 is capable of predicting the future of his love relationships with just a kiss. A gift that has caused him some inconvenience, because he decides to end relationships before they begin to deteriorate.

During a party, he kisses Lucía (Silvia Alonso), the girlfriend of his best friend Roberto (Gorka Otxoa), and sees himself happily married with children. He tries to keep his distance from her, but he can’t stop thinking about the beautiful future he would have with her.

Noticing that his friend’s relationship is affected by the routine, he gives him some advice to save his romance. However, she achieves the opposite. In a desperate act, Roberto proposes to Lucia, who rejects him and ends the relationship.

Javier with Lucía and Roberto in the Spanish film “Eres tú” (Photo: Netflix)


Javier looks for Lucía to convince her to go back with her best friend, but she refuses to change her mind. A few days later, she offers to help him with a focus group for the next book from Javi’s publishing house and that situation begins to unite them.

The protagonist of “” also meets an eccentric waitress named Arianawho buys him a beer and that same night takes him to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment to retrieve a crepe maker.

Another day, Ariana invites Javier to the roof of her house and shares her adventures in different countries. The conversation turns to love relationships and the editor confesses that she can see the future of a romance in the first kiss. The waitress challenges him to prove it and when he kisses her she sees nothing.

He tries again and the same thing happens, so Javier concludes that after finding the love of his life in Lucía, the visions are over. Shortly after, he begins a relationship with Lucía and every moment he saw in their first kiss comes true. However, they keep their romance a secret until Roberto discovers them.

A relationship without surprises

Although Javier spends incredible months with Lucía, nothing surprises him because he knows everything that will happen thanks to the gift of clairvoyance. His girlfriend doesn’t know anything about it, so she mistakes her lack of amazement for disinterest and boredom, leading to a meltdown.

To patch things up, the couple take some time off. Lucía goes on a trip with her friend Esther and Javier focuses on solving a problem with the next book from her publisher: the author copied other novels. To help the writer with her creative block, it occurs to her that Ariana could tell her about her adventures.

Ariana’s return to his life confuses Javier more, who does not want to lose his future with Lucía, but is not clear about what he feels for the waitress. After helping her with a production, her editor tries to kiss her, which angers the young woman because he has a girlfriend of hers.

Javier makes peace with Roberto near the end of the Spanish film "Eres tú" (Photo: Netflix)

Javier makes peace with Roberto near the end of the Spanish film “Eres tú” (Photo: Netflix)


Does Javier return with Lucía?

After making friends with Roberto at a book signing, Javier realizes that he should never have gotten in the way of his best friend’s relationship, so when Lucía returns from her trip, she organizes a dinner to get them back together. He pretends not to be able to attend and manages to get them to resume their relationship.

Javier separates from Lucía, shares some ideas with other editors, admits that his company is not having a good time, accepts the criticism and gives Ariana a plane ticket to Australia.

At the end of “”, Javier gets his writer to publish his book and it becomes a great success. At the celebration party, he is reunited with Ariana, who tells him that he used the ticket money to produce a podcast and that she always liked him and doesn’t need to see the future to take the next step.

Not getting any response from Javier, Ariana leaves, but the editor catches up with her and kisses her. while the screen goes black just like Javier’s vision when he kissed the eccentric young woman.

Javier bets on a relationship with Ariana at the end of the Spanish film

Javier bets on a relationship with Ariana at the end of the Spanish film “Eres tú” (Photo: Netflix)

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