End of ‘BBB 23’ couple? In ‘DR’, Fred wins Larissa’s ultimatum and shoots: ‘I arrive and take kicks’

This morning’s party (12) of “BBB 23” he was marked by a “DR” between Fred Desimpedidos and Larissa. And during the discussion, the PE teacher gave an ultimatum. “If we fight one more time, it won’t stay any longer. Here on the program”, shot the sister, who already escaped expulsion after being accused of aggression against Fred himself a few weeks ago.

The couple’s “DR” began after Fred claimed that Larissa acted with a certain air bored with him at the beginning of the reality party. The influencer even tried to approach the situation in the best way. “It’s precisely because we speak in an ironic way, so I went there and said to you: ‘What do you want me to say?’. Then I thought you were rude.

Could it be my misinterpretation? He can. But at the same time, I know you and you also recognize that you are very transparent. I don’t like this weather. Even so, I went there and tried”, claimed the brother, the target of provocation by Domitila during the White Room dynamic this week and labeled by a part of the web as the villain of the current season.

‘BBB 23’. In DR with Larissa, Fred shoots: ‘It sounds like a threat’

And Fred followed up on his argument, adding that, according to her, a new fight could be crucial. “‘Don’t keep asking, I already told you that the next time we fight, we won’t be anymore'”, she said, making the sister who owns a selective patience agree.

“But it’s true. If we fight one more time, it won’t last anymore. Here on the show”, fired Larissa, hearing from her boyfriend that he didn’t do anything wrong. “You speak again sounds like a threat to me. I also have my principles, values ​​and self-esteem. I’m fine, wanting to be with you”, replied the influencer, who attacked Juliette, champion of “BBB21”.

‘BBB 23’: Larissa reacted to the accusation of ‘kicking’ Fred

At one point, Fred turned out to be quite blunt: “I come in and get kicked.” Of course, Larissa didn’t leave it cheap. “I didn’t kick you. Look what you’re talking about,” said the Santa Catarina native, adding that she wants to put an end to the discussion.

“It’s not arguing. Arguing is different from talking. We’re talking. You’re not even looking at me. I’m telling you my perception”, argued Fred, putting an end to the conversation.

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