End of “Against the ropes” explained: Does Ángela get her daughter back?

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. Starring Caraly Sánchez, “Against the ropes” is a mexican Netflix series which tells the story of Ángela, a woman who, after spending six years in prison for a crime she did not commit, regains her freedom for good behavior and tries to make up for lost time with her little daughter Rocío.

During the time she was in jail, her daughter had as mother figures her grandmother Victoria and Dulce, the girlfriend of Lalo, Rocío’s father. Realizing that the girl is a big fan of fighting and she admires Dulce Caramelo decides to train to get into the ring.

Although at first her godmother Refugio refuses to train her, upon seeing her first fight as the Black Bride, she agrees to prepare her, along with her colleagues from the wedding dress shop. Meanwhile, every attempt to get close to her daughter is a failure.

in the Mexican series “Against the ropes” (Photo: Netflix)


When Lalo, at the insistence of his girlfriend, sues his ex-partner to keep custody of his daughter, the protagonist of “” she turns to her new friend Lucía, who recently graduated as a lawyer, to handle her case.

Although the inexperienced lawyer manages a conciliation meeting and seems to have the advantage, an omission by Ángela causes the other party to take control and continue with the process. The fear of losing her daughter deconcentrates the fighter and leads her to try to frame Lalo.

Ludark challenges the Black Bride, but with the police hot on her heels, Angela thinks she should lay low. However, her friends don’t think so, so they dress up as the Black Bride to kill time before the real one shows up.

Whose drug was Angela jailed for?

After speaking with Detective Claudia, Ángela suspects that Lalo was involved in her arrest. In addition, her best friend Malena assures her that on the day of her arrest, her daughter’s father was there putting things in backpacks.

When the protagonist of “” He confronts Eduardo, who assures him that he was only putting in his daughter’s birthday present, since she did not allow him to see her due to her drug addiction.

In the end, Ángela discovers that Malena and her boyfriend were planning to sell the drug that day., but when they saw the police they let the character of Caraly Sánchez take the blame. Of course, the fighter ends her friendship with her.

Malena was responsible for Ángela ending up in prison in the Mexican series "Against the ropes" (Photo: Netflix)

Malena was responsible for Ángela ending up in prison in the Mexican series “Against the ropes” (Photo: Netflix)


Black Girlfriend beats Dulce Caramel?

Black Bride gets a fight against Dulce Caramelo. But the winner will not only keep the trophy, she will also get a direct pass to the WWE school. So, Angela is ready to leave everything in the ring. However, a family secret ruins her concentration.

Nahual, a trainer from the WWE Performance Center who attends the event, turns out to be Angela’s father. Why did he fake her death? When Victoria discovered that her husband cheated on her with her friend, Refugio asked him to leave.

Noticing that Novia Negra is out of focus, Refugio talks to Ángela and explains the situation. Back in the ring, both wrestlers demonstrate their skills, but Dulce Caramelo’s trainer uses dirty tricks and buys out the referee to ensure Dulce’s victory.

Although Dulce is the winner, she gets a direct pass to the WWE school and removes Novia Negra’s mask. Ángela recovers her daughter’s love, since Rocío begins to cheer for her favorite fighter, her mother, and the crowd follows her. In addition, Lalo agrees to share custody of the girl.

Ángela did not win the fight, but she got her daughter back at the end of

Ángela did not win the fight, but she got her daughter back at the end of “On the ropes” (Photo: Netflix)

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