[En continu] The judge decides the release of Novak Djokovic

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The criteria for obtaining assistance for hardship could be hardened revealed on Sunday the Sunday view.

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Australian justice is today looking into the twists and turns of the visa from Novak Djokovic since he was refused the right to enter the country for health reasons.

our follow-up to Sunday.

■ Novak Djokovic is released

Novak Djokovic obtains a first victory. Justice overturns the decision which blocked the entry of the tennis player into Australian territory.

The champion is therefore released with immediate effect. The government can still challenge this decision.

■ The proceedings concerning Novak Djokovic are delayed

The lawsuit brought by Novak Djokovic, who wants to participate in the Australian Open with an exemption from anti-Covid vaccination, is progressing less quickly than expected, tells us our correspondent in Australia Grégory Plesse.

The Australian authorities, during the first part of the hearing, allowed the athlete to leave the hotel where he has been held since Thursday by the border police. But only for the duration of the trial.

Before the court, his lawyers pleaded the good faith of their client, who in the absence of a certificate of vaccination against the coronavirus, answered all the questions and provided all the documents required by the Australian administration during his request for Visa.

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A few dozen fans gathered in the morning in front of the federal court which is investigating the case to support the Serbian player, a notorious opponent to the anti-Covid vaccination, of which he became a new icon over the weekend.

Two other unvaccinated players, whose visas were also canceled, gave up participating in the first grand slam of the year. Not Novak Djokovic, who still has hopes of winning his case.

■ “Episodes of economic turbulence” for emerging economies

Emerging economies should prepare for “episodes of economic turmoil” as the US central bank will raise its key rates and global growth slows due to the Omicron variant, warns the IMF.

The International Monetary Fund, which is due to publish its latest updated forecast on January 25, estimates for the moment that the global recovery should continue this year and next. But “the risks to growth remain high due to the stubborn resurgence of the pandemic,” noted Stephan Danninger, Kenneth Kang, Helene Poirson, IMF economists in a blog post published Monday.

■ In Australia, the hearing devoted to Novak Djokovic is still ongoing

The online hearing in the Novak Djokovic case opened very early this Monday, Swiss time. The world number one is playing his chances of participating in the Australian Open by convincing the local justice that he had the Covid in December and that this is enough to exempt him from the compulsory vaccination.

Our editorial:
No more exceptions, even for champions

The procedure was briefly delayed after a computer problem due to too many connections to attend the live broadcast. Antivaxes shared, despite a ban, the link to follow it by broadcasting it live on YouTube.

At the start of the proceedings, the judge in charge of the hearing, Anthony Kelly, appeared open to the arguments of the athlete’s defense and appeared to be defending the 34-year-old, which does not, however, prejudge in any way his final decision as Australia’s lawyers presented their case afterwards.

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