[En continu] In Australia, the hearing devoted to Novak Djokovic still ongoing

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The criteria to get one aide for case from rigor could be hardened revealed sunday the Sunday view.

The justice australian today looks at the twists and turns of the visa de Novak Djokovic since he saw each other refuse the right to enter in the country for reason sanitary.

our follow-up to Sunday.

■ In Australia, the hearing devoted to Novak Djokovic is still ongoing

The online hearing in the Novak Djokovic case opened on Monday. The world number one is playing his chances of participating in the Australian Open by convincing the local justice that he had the Covid in December and that this is enough to exempt him from the compulsory vaccination.

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The procedure was briefly delayed after a computer problem due to too many connections to attend the live broadcast. Antivaxes shared, despite a ban, the link to follow it by broadcasting it live on YouTube.

The lawyers of “Djoko”, held for five days in a center for migrants in Melbourne, try to convince the federal court that the 34-year-old player contracted the Covid in December, which would exempt him from a compulsory vaccination to enter on the territory.

The judge in charge of the hearing, Anthony Kelly, appeared open to the arguments of the defense of the athlete and appeared to be defending the 34-year-old, which however does not prejudge in any way his final decision as the Australia’s lawyers must also present their arguments.

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