Emotional: Katharina Eisenblut reports on her wedding

Katharina Eisenblut (28) finally gives insights into her wedding day. On Friday, the singer finally celebrated the most important day of her life: a year after getting engaged to her partner Niko Kronenbitter, she finally got married. The former DSDS star has so far said little about the special event. But now reported Catherine finally got back and gave a detailed account of their wedding.

The wedding was the most beautiful thing I have experienced in my life – with the birth of Emilio. I’ve never seen anything so amazing,” he enthused Catherine in your Instagram-Story. Her family and friends went out of their way to give speeches and bring home-made gifts. Her son Emilio was also there during the wedding at the registry office. When the little one got restless, I gave her Niko just put him on his lap. “I looked at the two and I had to cry so much,” the 28-year-old recalled the emotional moment and fought back tears.

Also shared about her emotional state just before the wedding Catherine detailed. “What I didn’t expect is that I was very relaxed”, She said. She didn’t have to organize much herself, as her guests had planned a lot. So she was able to enjoy the day and the actions were really “magical”.

Instagram / katharina_eisenblut_official

Katharina Eisenblut in July 2021 in Istanbul
Katharina Eisenblut and Niko Kronenbitter

Instagram / katharina_eisenblut_official

Katharina Eisenblut and Niko Kronenbitter in August 2021

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