Emotion! Marta Melro surprised by Paulo Vintém’s declaration of love: “You are a great mother…”

Marta Melro was, this Wednesday, November 23, on the program “Dois às 10”, talking to Maria Botelho Moniz and Cláudio Ramos, the first since she became a mother for the first time.

The actress received Aurora on the 1st of August and, in addition to talking about this overwhelming experience that motherhood has been, she was also surprised by her boyfriend and daughter’s father, Paulo Vintém.

The singer recorded and sent an audio where he ‘opened his heart’, leaving Marta Melro in tears. “My love, today I was the one taking care of Aurora. Usually, many times, it’s you because I go from one place to the other, but today I was left to take care of her and we’re here playing (…). My love, you are a great mother, you have been following your instincts, which were all right from the beginning and one only has to look at her to realize that she is fine and that she continues to grow healthy, happy, friendly, smiling, in a good mood (…) A very big kiss and I love you very much, see you soon”.

Marta Melro could not contain her emotion and burst into tears at the words spoken by her partner.

See the moment here.

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