Emmy Smetana’s partner in the hospital: He was beaten by security!

The singer ended up in the hospital, where he was sutured with three stitches, and his partner issued a lengthy statement on social networks. On Saturday, the partners went to pick up a journalist who was supposed to interview them in Žluté lázně, but did not have a tape to let him in. After many phone calls with the production, Emma received a tape and they went for an editor. But hell has begun.

“The security guard snatched the tape I had brought to the press and spoke rudely. Jordi asked him hard enough to be polite and get his first shot right away. Two more on the ground, “Smetana described the whole situation. The partners then hurried to the hospital. According to Emmy, the situation was very close and Jordan was lucky he didn’t lose his right eye. “Thank you to the sculpture in Prague’s Vinohrady for those three stitches, it will probably be OK in a few days. “The girls were having a half-blind father,” the singer wrote about moments of helplessness. Fortunately, though Grove everything bravely stops and he managed to play another concert!

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Private event and silence …

According to some comments, everything happened a little differently. But no one wrote more. Editors Aha! of course, she also contacted the Žluté lázně complex to give the security, who had dared to offend, the space to comment Cream and reach for Haje. “A private event was held in Žluté lázně on Saturday, I apologize, so we will not provide any information,” said Aha! Hana Tietze, spokeswoman for the Žluté lázně complex.

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