Emmanuel Macron: when the President of the Republic leaves the First Lady for a funny getaway shirtless!

Far from the Élysée, the President of the Republic is recharging his batteries and taking some time for himself. But what would holidays be without a way to cool off with the high heat that has been hitting the country for several weeks now? Precisely, Emmanuel Macron seems to have found the ideal parade to get “cool” while preserving the planet. As you will have understood, there is therefore no question of air conditioning for Brigitte Macron’s companion but… of a kayaking trip, according to the pictures shared by our colleagues from Var-Morning.

“Around 6 p.m., Emmanuel Macron was seen alone, in a black swimsuit and shirtless, on a blue-white-red canoe. He offered himself a short round trip of about twenty minutes, followed by by a security guard, also in a canoe”, is it possible to learn in the article of our colleagues. Indeed, the Head of State and his companion have been staying since July 30 at Fort Brégançon, a privileged place for their holidays.

Alone in the sea

Only the owners of the fort were aware of the coming of the presidential couple as reported Provence on August 4th. On the program, dinners and large family tables but also extreme activities… or almost. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron proved that the holidays do not always rhyme with rest, as evidenced by the photo of the President published in Var-Morning on August 3.

The Head of State obviously appears shirtless, aboard a canoe, braving the waves and showing off his talents with paddles in hand, without the presence of the First Lady. On the other hand, it is impossible to know if Tony Estanguet has anything to worry about and if Brigitte Macron’s companion will embark on a career with the aim of winning Olympic medals, like the former French athlete, in the future.

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