Emmanuel Macron put everyone to sleep

With his 25% reduction in the duration of compensation for all job seekers, Emmanuel Macron no longer seems to back down from anything in his desire to reform the French economy. By presenting on Monday the details of the terms of application of its new unemployment insurance reform, the French government did not even pretend to take into account the unanimous protests of the unions. While this drastic reduction in the duration of unemployment benefits gives the impression of passing (for the moment) like a letter in the mail in a country that was said to be on the brink of social abyss, while strikes and demonstrations for wage increases in the face of inflation continue to disappoint on the left with their lack of scale and impact, while the 49.3 (this article of the Constitution which allows laws to be passed without the vote of the deputies ) are unsheathed one after the other in open bar mode without creating any real emotion outside the Assembly, Emmanuel Macron seems to have put everyone to sleep.

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