Emmanuel Macron enters the … European campaign

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This weekend, the marchers will launch a poster campaign to praise Emmanuel Macron’s European action. A semblance of entry into the countryside is emerging.

Officially, it is to mark the start of the French presidency of Europe that, this weekend, the marchers will cover the cities of France with posters, no less than 80,000 will be plastered, then leaflets on the weekend. next end. Officially… Because the back of the flyer leaves no room for doubt.

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As, for several weeks, the support of the almost candidate Macron has taken stock of his national action, his European assessment is found there. “Who in Europe did everything to save our economies? It’s Emmanuel Macron ”. “Who in Europe is committed to protecting our planet? It’s Emmanuel Macron ”. The name of the President is mentioned no less than 6 times.

Another sign of the times, these leaflets and posters were produced at the initiative of the Republic En Marche, which is beginning to enter the presidential battle.

Thirty-five working groups were set up to feed the thinking of the future candidate who began to read a few notes during the Christmas holidays. “It’s an asset to be in charge because the French can see what the guy is doing, whether he delivers or not”, explained to us an advisor from the “Château”. The objective of this assessment is to show that Emmanuel Macron “delivers”.

Leaflets will be distributed next weekend.

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