Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Borne finally react to the scandalous remarks of Minister Caroline Cayeux on homosexuals!

Since she was appointed to the government on July 4, Caroline Cayeux is facing a controversy. In 2013, she made homophobic remarks when the law for the marriage for all and adoption for same-sex couples that she felt was against nature. She was putting on a layer of it this month by declaring that she had “many friends among These people. She also explained to maintain her words before going back and apologizing. Since then, we haven’t let go and for good reason.homophobia is a misdemeanor.

Finally, Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Borne react to the scandalous remarks of the minister. According to information from Chained Duckthe President of the Republic whose technique we finally know to camouflage his baldness would have let them know “don’t shoot at an ambulance”, explaining in this way that Caroline Cayeux was in trouble. For the one who is completely addicted to this famous drink “to follow”, she would have condemned the words of Caroline Cayeux in front of her relatives. But, she would also have lamented “a lack of solidarity” between ministers… “We don’t hit colleagues! We must never push our necks to exist“, she would have declared in front of her advisers. She had also been challenged by Marie-Charlotte Garin in the middle of the Assembly. “The impact of discrimination on mental health obliges us to name Madame Cayeux’s remarks for what they are: homophobic remarks”, had declared the deputy of the third constituency of the Rhône. Before questioning the Prime Minister: “How can you name these people in your government?”

Marlène Schiappa also spoke on this subject at the microphone of France Inter. From words, we will have to move on to action: support the opening of LGBT centers all over the country, Prides, mayors who want to commit to creating delegations on LGBT rights”she exclaimed after the unconvincing excuses of Caroline Cayeux.

Laura Bertrand

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