Emmanuel Macron 8 p.m.: can he dissolve the National Assembly immediately after the legislative elections?

By Rizhlaine F. Photos by Laurent P. Posted Jun 22, 2022 5:49 PM

During the legislative elections, the party Together! failed to obtain an absolute majority. As President Emmanuel Macron speaks this Wednesday evening, June 22, a question burns his lips: can he already dissolve the National Assembly?

In Francethem legislative elections will have been at the heart ofnews of recent weeks. This Sunday, June 19, 2022them French went to the polls to vote for the party that will represent them in theNational Assembly. A day that will be marked by a abstention rate of 53.77% according to interior ministry.

Unlike in 2017, the party supporting President Emmanuel Macron, Together!, failed to pass the threshold of 289 seats in the National Assembly, thus losing the absolute majority with a score of 245 seats. The NUPES represented strongest opposition with 131 seats.

WhileEmmanuel Macron is about to speak Wednesday, June 22, 2022some question. Can the President already dissolve the Assembly, the day after the legislative elections ? Is there a legal deadline ?

In principle, the President of the Republic can choose to dissolve the National Assemblya procedure that entails the implementation of new legislative elections which should take place twenty to forty days later. However, he will then have to wait for a one year deadline before I can make that decision again. On the other hand, the question becomes more vague when it comes to dissolve the Assembly following traditional elections. According to some, the President would have to wait a period of one year before having the right to this recourse. For others, it is not not mandatory.

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