Emma Smet: a surname too heavy to bear? She would have thought of changing her identity

There are some who dream of being born into a famous family. And others who would prefer to have a name unknown to the battalion. Not that Emma Smet is not proud to be part of the Smet / Hallyday clan … However, the young actress did not hide the difficulties she had to face, and that she still faces today, because the name it has borne since its birth, especially in the world of cinema and theater. It was during an interview with Le Parisien, this Tuesday, January 11, that the young woman who takes the stage for the first time as part of the play, The game of truth, unvarnished the “Problems” caused because of its inheritance.

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The daughter of Estelle Léfébure and David Hallyday participated in the casting of the play without “playing” her last name. And this for a specific purpose: “It was to prove to myself that I could do it, that I was eligible for the role”, she admitted at first before regretting: “I always have the impression that if I am taken for my name or whatever … There, it was not the case, but I like knowing that I am chosen for what I worth and not for what I am ”. A noble act on his part, and to be saluted. And there is no doubt that the fact of having been chosen for her talent, and only her talent, has done her the greatest good. Emma Smet admitting, still in the same interview, that she would have considered changing her name to become a “normal person”. “Little one, I wanted to change it, put it upside down”, she remembered before revealing: “On Facebook, my name is not Smet but Tems. I wanted to stand out from this name so that I wouldn’t be reminded of it all the time ”.

Despite everything, this “difficulty” allowed him to “forge a shell and served me. People look at me, they come to see me and they judge me by my name. It puts pressure but makes me want to show that I’m not here for nothing even more. This pressure, I learned to cope with it ”.


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