Emma Roberts Wants To Return For Season 3 Of ‘Scream Queens’: “It’s Time!”

In an interview with comic book, Emma Roberts (‘American Horror Story’) Revealed He Would Love to Return for Season 3 of the Comic Horror Series ‘Scream Queens‘, stating that he believes the time is right for the launch of a new cycle.

“I would love to do a 3rd season of ‘Scream Queens’ and I believe it’s time. I don’t know who might be responsible for the project, but I believe it should happen. I love that people still love this show. We had a lot of fun with her. When I see women and men dressing up in Chanel Oberlin on Halloween, it warms my heart. So I would love to come back for another cycle.”

Previously, the Ryan Murphy had commented on the possibility of a new season of the production: “The answer lies with the studio that produced the series. Obviously I work for Netflix these days, but I would do anything to return. [para mais uma temporada]. Emma Roberts, Lea Michelle, Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd have already confirmed that they would love to return. If FOX wants another season, I believe we would all be on board. This series is very popular and has achieved a lot of success on Hulu.”

The series ran for two seasons before being canceled by FOX due to low ratings.

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