Emission zone for anger: He pays a fine of 380 CZK for each ride!

“Every time I get out of the garage and get to the crossroads, I pay,” says George Dowler, 72, who, according to his own words, spent 1.2 million crowns on new cars. His wife Vera preferred to park her old car in the parking lot at work, just to avoid additional charges. “In addition to the car, I also had to buy a new van. The old one was perfectly fine, but according to the town hall it is (ecologically) unsatisfactory, “says the Englishman and is not the only one who is annoyed by the official fight against emissions.

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan (51) decided to declare war on polluted air, so it was not enough for him that the London Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) had been in place in the city center since April. Since October 25, the town hall has expanded the zone about twenty times, so to the horror of the owners of older cars, it has spread throughout the city. The fee of 380 crowns applies to cars with a petrol engine that do not meet the EU Euro 4 emission standard (from 2005, so the car must be under 16 years old). Cars with a diesel engine that meets the Euro 6 standard (from 2015, ie under six years old) do not have to pay.

The measure provoked a wave of criticism. “What is this nonsense? He will only pay the lowest-income drivers for that, “one opponent of the new regulation wrote on Twitter. The measures apply constantly, except on December 25, when the British celebrate Christmas. And whoever refuses to pay the transport “entrance fee” to the city, risks a fine of 4850 crowns. “It doesn’t make sense anyway. Is the air to the left of the traffic lights cleaner than the one to the right? ”George Dowler gets angry. “But they don’t mind the races,” his wife said, referring to plans to build a Formula 1 race track in the East End.

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