Emily in Paris: the Netflix series renewed for two new seasons

Emily’s crazy adventures in the French capital will continue! After two seasons which will have ended up largely convincing the subscribers of Netflix, the series “Emily in Paris” was renewed for two new seasons.

Here we go again for two rounds

While we have just left Emily (Lily Collins) in full cliffhanger and case of conscience, the heart swinging between Paris and Chicago, Netflix has just announced that her adventures will continue! Indeed, it is not a news but two new seasons which have been announced, thus carrying the history of Darren Star’s show over at least four seasons. Good news for the fans, and a nice snub to detractors of Emily in Paris which have not failed since the broadcast of the very first episode, at the beginning of October 2020, to point out the many pictures of the series.

Emily in Paris ©Netflix

Emily finally won the hearts of the public

Remember. When the first season airs, Emily in Paris received an avalanche of negative comments in France. Too idealized, too cliché, completely disconnected from the real world, the series presented a very fantasized vision of Paris. But as noted then Les Inrocks, everyone sees noon at their doorstep and in the United States the description of American characters was rather criticized, presented as boorish and rude compared to French characters … Very followed and appreciated in the English-speaking world, Emily in Paris ultimately conquered the beyond, unapologetically assuming his whimsical character and his extravagant costumes.

Once accepted this posture after all very “American”, we can see that the series Emily in Paris is written and interpreted with care, not hesitating to have fun with all subjects and especially herself. The result, unsettlingly cool, is that the series is a very solid success of the streaming platform. So much so that the renewal of the series has a taste for the obvious, and that we are therefore impatiently awaiting these two new seasons! Because between Chicago and Paris Emily must make a choice, not to mention that she also has another to make between Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) …

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