Emily in Paris season 3: Camille vs Emily, who will choose Gabriel?

Emily in Paris saison 3

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Emily is at the heart of a love triangle in Emily in Paris. But then, will Gabriel manage to make a choice in season 3 of the Netflix series?

Fans of the most French of Americans are in heaven. This Monday, January 10, a lot of good news fell for the serivores. Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed for a season 19 by ABC, but that’s not all! Series Emily in Paris has been renewed for not one, but two seasons by Netflix. Thus, the adventures of Emily Cooper will continue at least until season 4. But then, what will happen to the young woman? The Season Finale of season 2 ofEmily in Paris ended with two sacred twists and all fans are wondering … What choice will Gabriel make between Emily and Camille?

Soon as a couple? – Credit (s): Netflix

In the final episode of season 2 d’Emily in Paris, the young fashionista released a real slip up while talking with Mindy. Yes, she is in love with Gabriel … Once fully aware of her feelings, she decided to visit her neighbor. However, when Emily started to confess her feelings to her, Camille appeared from behind, explaining to her old friend that she and Gabriel had decided to give themselves another chance. Worse still, the Frenchwoman moved to Gabriel’s place. Suffice to say that Emily did not expect such a welcome … This love triangle will therefore continue in season 3 of Emily in Paris.

Emily in the heart of a love triangle

Nothing is ever easy in the series and Emily in Paris is the proof … When Emily realized that she was in love with Gabriel and that she wanted to stay in France after Sylvie’s job offer, it was too late. Nonetheless, we are confident that Gabriel’s feelings for Emily are genuine. The young chef still loves the pretty American. If he got back into a relationship with Camille, it is surely out of spite. Although it is obvious that Gabriel has affection for his girlfriend, it is not the woman he wants. So there is still a chance that the Frenchy will choose Emily in season 3 ofEmily in Paris. But let’s face it, this love triangle is seriously starting to annoy us!

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