Emilia Romagna, the son of the councilor Corsini hospitalized for Covid: he is one year old

Bologna, 3 January 2022 – Il one year old son of the regional councilor for tourism of Emilia-Romagna Andrea Corsini is hospitalized in the hospital with Covid. The news was given by Corsini’s wife and the child’s mother, the journalist Margherita Barbieri. The family lives in Ravenna. Just four days ago the same Corsini had announced that he was positive at Covid. The child will have to be observed for 24 hours for some liver values.

Covid vaccine for children: immunization does not take off

On Facebook mom of the little one he lets himself go to one vent: “Yesterday they hospitalized Edoardo for covid – he writes – Unfortunately the disease has “taken” his liver and busted some values. Now he has to be under observation at least 24 hours, and we all hope that the values ​​will return soon. In the meantime, Maria Elena also tested positive and probably me too (I am expecting a buffer result) “.

The Covid bulletin of today in Emilia Romagna

The post continues: “Right now, beyond the worries for my children, there are two things they do to me to get angry, or rather indolent:
1. (as I said) by being I vaccinated with third dose, according to current rules, I should have gone to work and left the children with someone else that clearly he would have taken Covid. And I would have risked infecting other people by continuing to go out, without the obligation to quarantine.

2. We continue to underestimate the effects of Covid and the new variants on children, on those not vaccinated. It is assumed that both children do nothing. And this is absolutely not true! It doesn’t have serious consequences in most cases, but that’s not always the case! And now the cases in children with the reopening of schools will increase. You need to know more, inform families about the effects of these new variants, soon we will have hundreds of infected children “.

Finally, a recommendation to parents: “Last thing, my son is 1 year old and he couldn’t get vaccinated, but who can vaccinate their children !!!“, concludes the post, with the emoticon of hands gathered in prayer.

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