Emilia Mernes got sick and Duki replaced her on her show: "so unconditional"

Duki Y Emilia Mernes They live a great romance for months. Although there were some rumors of infidelity around them, They made it clear that they are very close and happy with their relationship. Both are in Spain for work reasons, although find a way to enjoy the beaches of the European country.

One of the curious issues on her trip occurred in the last hours when the singer had to appear in Mallorca. The former Rombai suffered from an infection in her throat, so he could not provide the agreed presentation. However, her boyfriend came to the rescue and took the stage on her behalf to entertain those present.

“Emilia has a throat infection and she won’t be able to sing tonight. I told her that if she couldn’t sing, I was going to sing for her.he explained to the crowd Duki. Of course, this generated a standing ovation and he was the star of the night, while his partner began recovering from the infection that prevented him from working.

Duki helped Emilia Mernes in her live show.

“Hello, people from Mallorca. I wanted to make this video to apologize for yesterday, which I couldn’t get up to singexplained first Emilia Mernes in an Instagram story. In addition, she appreciated the gesture that she had Duki: “I have this infection in my throat, I feel a little better now but Luckily yesterday Mauro got on for me and gave an incredible show“.

I want to thank him for being so unconditional and I know you guys had an amazing time. Soon I will return with everything, I really wanted to sing to them and I know that it will happen again soon”Emilia completed in her post.

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