Emilia Mernes and Duki bleached their romance: the video that confirms it

Long-standing rumors of romance between Emilia Mernes and Duki they do not stop growing. Everything ended up exploding in the Premios Latin Grammys 2021. There, they were seen almost kissing behind the photo of Bizarrap with one of the nominees.

Until that moment, neither of them came out to clarify what was happening and the music producer deleted the photo. Despite your attempt to remove all evidence, the image had already been viralized by social networks. Also, the fans of both were insane.

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Hours later, having already finished the awards ceremony in Las Vegas, Emilia, Duki and Bizarrap decided to take a private plane. In the viralized images by the producer you can see them the singers sitting side by side while their friend sings the song they created together, “As if it doesn’t matter.”

In that instant, the rag man grabs the singer’s face and tries to kiss her. When the two were very close, the creator of the Music Sessions decided to cut the video and uploads it to your Instagram account. For this reason, it is not known whether or not they finally kissed.

Emilia Mernes and Duki during the recordings of “As if it didn’t matter.”

Anyway, the artists still do not define whether or not they are a couple despite the fact that the videos and photos they upload to their social networks speak for themselves. We will still have to wait a little longer for them to dare to reveal that they are really dating.

Watch the video where Emilia Mernes and Duki bleached their relationship!

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