Elvis star was humiliated by director and producers during filming

Elvis star Austin Butler has revealed he was humiliated by the film’s director and producers during filming.

Butler commented that there was a very troubled moment in the filming of the Elvis Presley biopic, in which he was senselessly humiliated (via Monet Magazine).

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However, it was all part of a plan by director Baz Luhrmann to make the actor feel what the rock star went through many years before.

“He took these execs into the studio and said, ‘I want you all sitting down and facing Austin.’ And then he asked them to tease me. So they were all pestering me and making fun of me while I was singing,” Butler said.

The actor also revealed that he knew what the singer felt, and said he cried after going home the night after filming.

“When we went to film this scene, with Elvis going on stage for the first time and being attacked by the audience, I knew how he felt. I went home crying that night. Really,” he said.

Austin Butler as Elvis Presley

The music star in cinemas

“The film explores the life and music of Elvis Presley through the prism of his complicated relationship with his enigmatic agent, Tom Parker,” reads the synopsis.

“The story delves into the complex dynamics between Presley and Parker over 20 years, from Presley’s early career to his unprecedented stardom, contrasting with cultural changes and America’s loss of innocence. At the center of this journey is one of the most important people in Elvis’ life, Priscilla Presley.

Elvis, a Warner Bros. film, features Austin Butler as Elvis Presley and Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker.

The direction is by Baz Luhrmann, who had works such as The Great Gatsby, Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge – Amor in Red.

Elvis is showing in theaters.

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