Elves: Next Horror Fan Obsession Arrives This Weekend on Netflix

In a Christmas mood, Netflix is ​​getting ready to launch a series that has everything to conquer horror fans. It’s Elves, a Danish production that mixes the unmistakable look of the end-of-the-year parties with a terrifying supernatural threat.

Horror movies and series set around the Christmas season aren’t exactly new. Many people prefer to enjoy the parties with good scares and laughs – something that Elves promises to provide for all subscribers of the platform.

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Elves has a creative story, anchored in folkloric elements and Christmas clichés. The film subverts one of the best-known legends of the time, turning Santa’s helpers into terrifying and bloodthirsty creatures.

Below is everything you need to know about Elves on Netflix: plot, cast, series premiere and trailer.

Meet the Christmas horror of Elves on Netflix

A few weeks ago, Netflix released the first images and teaser of Elves, a Danish production based on an original idea by Jannik Tai Mosholt and Christian Potalivo – creators of the post-apocalyptic series The Rain.

Rather than focusing on the fun-filled versions of the Elves, so familiar in fairy tales and Christmas legends, the series focuses on a far scarier incarnation of the creatures, based on elements of Norse mythology.

Elves follows the story of a family who travels to a remote Danish island for Christmas – but quickly discovers that the place is not as bucolic as they imagined.

The island in question is controlled by an extremely religious community, which does everything to keep the “old traditions” alive. Everything.

The protagonists also discover that the island is also populated by Elves – real versions, frightening and far more violent than their Christmas counterparts.

The situation gets even more complicated when the youngest of the family finds a lost baby Elf and decides to take him home.

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From then on, the film headlong into horror territory. The trailer introduces another terrifying character, who is part of a religious sect that lived in harmony with the Elves for centuries – until society’s modernization ruined everything.

“We lived in harmony with nature, until people arrived to explore it”, comments the mysterious woman.

The trailer also shows the first glimpse of the adult (and scary) version of the Elves, tensions between family and locals, and the protagonist’s struggle to free the creatures.

“Elves is a Christmas horror series that explores the premise ‘What if the Elves were real and dangerous?’ We commend the fact that Netflix opens the door to new genres that we didn’t have the opportunity to develop and produce in our local market,” says Peter Bose, the director of Miso Films, the series’ production studio.

The Elfos cast was formed by Eleonora Jørgensen, Rasmus Hammerich, Peder Thomas Pedersen and Lila Nobel.

The 6-episode first season of Elves opens on Netflix on November 28; see the trailer below.

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