Elon Musk Starlink Internet Plans: Starlink Internet: Elon Musk’s internet company records 50Mbps speed, big revelations in new study – Elon musk owned starlink internet recorded median speed of 50mbps conducted study in us and canada know all findings and details

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A data related to the performance of Elon Musk’s Starlink in the US and Canada has been released. In a study, information related to Starlink’s speed, latency, data, accessibility and cost has been shared. Let us tell you that Starlink is currently available in beta phase in select markets. This study has been done by Speedcheck Organization.

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Speedcheck found in its study that Starlink Broadband achieved 50.5Mbps download speed, 14Mbps upload speed and 52.5 ms latency. Upload and download speeds in the US were 13Mbps and 50Mbps respectively while latency stood at 57ms. In Canada, download and upload speeds were recorded at 49Mbps and 14Mbps respectively. Here the latency was 52 ms.

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According to the report, Starlink customers reported issues like high price and unstable links. The study found that Starlink will be more used in rural areas, so the higher price may be a question. Because in cities, people living in cities can afford Starlink Live, but they do not need internet connectivity as much as in rural areas.

The report further compared Starlink satellite broadband with existing broadband services such as Fiber and DSL. The study said that Starlink has to compete with other satellite service providers who are planning to launch satellite service in the coming times. Let us tell you that Starlink will also get a tough competition from the existing satellite service provider in Geostationary Orbit (GEO). In such areas, low earth orbit satellites like Stalin outperform the others and this is due to the low latency. Due to high latency, people face problems in video calls, conference calls, gaming and other things.

The report also states that Starlink will need clear and open skies. And the risk of interference is high as all LEO satellites use the same frequency while fiber ensures reliable service in all weather conditions. In the case of fiber broadband, the speed does not matter the distance from the ISP. It has no interference and is more reliable than fiber, satellite service and DSL. DSL is in places where telephone lines are not underground. The report said that fiber and DSL have limited availability in rural and remote areas but Stalink aims to make it available everywhere.

Speedcheck compares Starlink to Fiber, Cable and DSL in seven US cities. In the beta phase, Starlink recorded a median download speed of 42-60 Mbps, while Fiber recorded 250-1000Mbps, Cable 10-500Mbps and DSL recorded the lowest speeds of 5 to 35Mbps. In terms of median upload speed, Starlink recorded 12.91-16.23, Fiber 250-1000Mbps, Cable 5-50Mbps and DSL 1-10 Mbps. In terms of latency, the latency of fiber was less than that of Starlink while the latency of cable was less than that of DSL. Highest latency DSL ever recorded.

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