Elon Musk again delays the arrival of the controversial Twitter Blue

Twitter owner Elon Musk said in a tweet overnight Monday-Tuesday that the service, which gave paying users a blue tick, will not be relaunched until there is sufficient certainty that users who purchased the service cannot impersonate celebrities and companies. He also said that organizations are likely to receive a different colored tick than individuals.

Musk had previously mentioned November 29 as the date when Twitter users could sign up for the subscription service again. However, new accounts will then have to wait 90 days before they can use the service.

Until recently, the blue tick was reserved for users whose identity Twitter was sure of, such as governments, politicians, businesses, artists and journalists. Twitter determined who got such a symbol and handed out the checkmarks for free. After Musk took over Twitter, the billionaire promised anyone could get a blue check mark as long as they paid for it. This would democratize the service.

After its introduction, many people took advantage of the blue tick by changing their name to sound like a company or celebrity. For example, people have imitated President Joe Biden and basketball player LeBron James. After a few days, Twitter closed applications for Twitter Blue.

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