Elma Aveiro shares a “message” from Alberto João Jardim: “Ronaldo, send them to…”

The revealing interview that Cristiano Ronaldo gave to Piers Morgan is stirring the waters in England and beyond.

After the revelations that the Portuguese star made in relation to the recent times he lived at Manchester United, opinions have been divided on social networks. If, on the one hand, the majority of Portuguese people have sided with the captain of the national team, many others have left criticism.

Alberto João Jardim, former president of the Regional Government of Madeira, took to Twitter to vent about the criticism he has read about the player: “Anti-Ronaldo campaign. The country at its most base: envy, bad language and ingratitude to the Madeiran, who is the best known and most popular Portuguese in the world. Not any of the Lisbon nerds. Ronaldo, send them to…!”, it can be read.

Elma Aveiro, who has been very active on social networks, shared Alberto João Jardim’s message and shot: “Great president, envy kills, let them kill themselves”, it can be read.

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