Elliot Page’s character will be as transgender as the actor: so Vanya becomes Victor on Netflix, first time in a series

Vanya is now Viktor. In the third season of the series The Umbrella Academyon Netflix, what is perhaps the first true experiment of genre modification of a character in the plot of an ongoing script is staged. The character played in the previous season by Ellen PageVanya, will become Viktor because Page is now called Elliot after following the transition from woman to man. It has not yet been explained how the Netflix series will justify the transition from Vanya to Viktor for its users. So if in the past the question would have been resolved by replacing the actress with another actress and offering the “new” actor another part or maybe even nothing, today it is likely that he will get back to the plot of the already seen that he had shown in any case. some “double” signs to get us started on Page’s gender transaction. After all, the character of Vanya constantly winked at Leonard’s and in the second season he was attracted to a woman, Sissy. Pretending not to notice the change would lead Netflix to show its side to avoidable controversies. The new episodes will be available to all Netflix subscribers from June 22nd.

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