Elliot Page reports dramatic improvement in his life after gender transition

Elliot Page talked about her gender transition and recent changes, while participating in the Seth Meyersand explained that he is focused on his happiness.

Asked about experiencing change, Elliot admitted, “My life has dramatically improved.” He also said that, in relation to the negative reactions due to the transition, the actor also said:

“Now I just want to focus on my extraordinary level of happiness, on the intensity of presence that I’ve been feeling, something that for a long time I didn’t think would be possible.”

Page also reported, “That’s my focus and that’s what I’m surrounding myself with, but of course that can also be overwhelming.”

The artist, who revealed his transition in December 2020, celebrated the decision to change his character’s gender in the series. The Umbrella Academypraising the valet, Steve Blackman, whom he referred to as “amazing” and “wonderful.”

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