Elke immediately baked in ‘Bake Off Flanders’: “Glad that I didn’t give up”

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Unfortunately, her stay in the baking tent was short-lived. Elke Paulissen (30) from Lanaken had to go on Wednesday evening Bake Off Flanders leave. “Still glad I didn’t give up.”

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“They are five impressive bakers,” Regula Ysewijn said while she and her fellow jury member Herman Van Dender watched the spectacles of Bake Off Flanders overlooked. But still someone had to go home in the second episode of the Play4 baking program. That turned out to be Elke Paulissen.

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On day one, De Lanaken had let the jury feast on her tartelettes. “I think it’s super delicious. The rhubarb is so delicious that we would have liked even more”, Herman munched. During the technical test, a Hungarian Dobos pie, she finished in the middle of the ranking. The showpiece, a bust cake, proved to be the biggest challenge for all candidates. Elke ventured as great The Lord of the Ringsfan to a cake in the shape of villainous Sauron, but had some trouble with her buttercream.

Elke chose a sleek finish for her tartelettes. © Play4

After several attempts, she was able to present the villain with his iconic mask to the jury. They thought that it could have been a bit more in terms of flavors, but the butter cream – according to her grandmother’s recipe – was very good.

“It was a very nice experience. I’m glad I didn’t give up, even though the last test didn’t go smoothly. So a mini victory for myself today: never give up”, said Elke when she was told by Wim that she had to leave the tent. “I am disappointed. I had hoped to get further, but I’m glad I got to be here.”

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Next week, the two groups will be put into the mixer together for three new assignments. With the 18-year-old Axl Bijnens there is another Lananaar in the competition.

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