Elizabeth George order: How to watch and read crime fiction correctly

She studied English and psychology and now writes exciting crime novels: best-selling author Elizabeth George. We reveal the correct order of the thrillers.

Born in Ohio, Elizabeth George studied English and Psychology. She also taught creative writing herself at a number of universities, helping a number of potential writers to develop their own style of writing. She later moved to the UK and began her life as a book writer, drawing inspiration from English culture. For her first novel, with which she created her most well-known character Thomas Lynley from the Inspector Lynley series, she received two literary prizes: the Agatha Award and the Anthony Award. Her Inspector Lynley book series alone now comprises 21 volumes. With so many works, the question arises as to what is the correct Elizabeth George order to encapsulate the stories.

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Order of Elizabeth George books

George probably secured the love and curiosity of the readers* above all through her Inspector Lynley series, which was partly filmed. In principle, the correct Elizabeth George order is chronological – but there is one exception. Her first three books “God protect this house”, “No one throw the first stone” and “On honor and conscience” appeared before “Mine is the revenge”, but in our order they come after it for reasons of meaning. “Mine is the revenge” is the start of the successful series of the famous Inspector Lynley and is therefore our top priority.

Order of the Inspector Lynley books

In this Georges book series, Inspector Thomas Lynley and Sergeant Barbara Havers work together to create a rather unusual duo of investigators.

Order of the Whisper Island novels

The stories are about the mind-reading Becca King. Endowed with the gift of being able to hear other people’s thoughts, protagonist Becca, with a new hair color and new identity, sets out to meet a friend, starting a book series consisting of four suspense-filled stories. That friend lives on a mysterious and secluded island and has been dead for several weeks by the time Becca arrives.

More books by Elizabeth George

In addition to the two successful book series mentioned, Elizabeth George published the following works. Although this is not a coherent book series, these books are still well worth reading and can even help you to create your own novel.

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Elizabeth George: Order of Inspector Lynley Film Adaptations

Due to the success of the Inspector Lynley book series, the investigator duo’s stories were filmed. There is a whole series with six seasons and feature-length episodes. Inspector Lynley is played by Nathaniel Parker (“Merlin The New Adventures”) and Sergeant Havers is played by Sharon Small (“London Kills”). The first three seasons of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries are available to buy or rent on Prime Video.

Elizabeth George Order: “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries” Season 1

Elizabeth George Order: “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries” Season 2

Elizabeth George Order: “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries” Season 3

Elizabeth George Order: “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries” Season 4

Elizabeth George Order: “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries” Season 5

Elizabeth George Order: “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries” Season 6

  • “Those Who Have No Peace”
  • “Know Your Enemy”

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