Eliška Bučková reaps what she sowed: A real slap from karma?

One flock after another is rushing at the beauty from Moravia. The waters erupted especially after the Blesk editorial office published photos of the desperate wife of her current friend Radek Vácha, who was sitting in front of her house and crying, while the father of her children was enjoying the celebrations with Bučková.

Bloody injury at Eliška Bučková’s camp: The trip to the hospital followed!

Bučková tried to defend her love with the words: “Our love and decision was difficult for many people, including us. But we are just people who have fallen in love like never before in our lives. And thank God that today I can say that we are all happy and maybe more than ever before. “ but she still added water to the fire. For her heartfelt beliefs, she even garnered quite unfavorable remarks. There were also words about karma and anorexia, with which the model has struggled a lot in the past.

Eliška caught it again

According to the findings of Sedmička magazine, she should have returned to her now. Although Eliška recently boasted that she gained 8 kilos and that everything was bad for her, the latest posts do not suggest much. In the last pictures, Bučková is visibly thin, which is obvious at the expense of loose clothing. A few weeks ago, she published a photo from a holiday from Italy, where she has in front of her a tray with barely two Fridays of ham and cheese, under which she wrote: “Eat, meditate, love. So today mainly to eat… With love, of course. ” The scathing remarks didn’t take long: “She’s showing off again how you think we’re on your head more you look at yourself it’s horrible bone itself do something with yourself what you want to prove, it’s a disease,” means her followers.

Eliška Bučková is dating! But it is still in the selection phase, because it is demanding

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