Elio Germano on Latin America: “We are talking about a dangerous masculinity for society”

The video interview with Elio Germano, protagonist of Latin America, a thriller by the D’Innocenzo brothers presented in competition at Venice 78, in cinemas from 13 January.

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Latin America: Astrid Casali, Carlotta Gamba, Federica Pala in an image

Not even a year after Favolacce (2020), awarded at the Berlin festival for best screenplay, the D’Innocenzo brothers and Elio Germano found themselves at another film festival with a new film shot together: presented in competition at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, America Latina comes out in theaters on January 13th.

America Latina 8 Ojolfer

Latin America: Elio Germano in a scene

Where Favolacce is a choral film, with the stories of many characters intertwined, Latin America focuses on one character, Massimo. Latina dentist interpreted precisely by Elio Germano, lives in a house with absurd architecture with his wife and daughters. One day like many others he goes down to the cellar and his life changes forever.

Visually complex (each image has multiple levels of reading), the film is the third test by directors of Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo, who once again talk about family (there is another birthday that goes wrong: who knows where it comes from this party fear) and suffocating masculinity. We talked about it with Elio Germano, met at the Lido of Venice.

The video interview with Elio Germano

Latin America, Fabio and Damiano D’Innocenzo: “We wanted a new debut with this film”

Latin America and toxic masculinity

Why do you think a man crying in 2022 is still a shocking thing?

America Latina 5

Latin America: Elio Germano in a sequence

Because we are bombarded with a model of masculinity that is not only very harmful for our society but above all for men. The man must be tough, strong, successful, aggressive, he must not feel emotions, he must be functional to the market. Instead, life is made up of something else. We are human beings and therefore fragile, imperfect, immature. Welcoming, sharing, openness is what makes us feel good. Everything else is a lie.

Latin America, the review: the poetic thriller that confirms the talent of the D’Innocenzo brothers

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There is also a comparison between reality and what we imagine. But if reality is awful and we imagine other awful things, what hope do we have?

Reality is not necessarily opposed to our imagination. It may be that reality is the fruit of our imagination. So we have to be careful what we imagine because it becomes real.

Elio Germano changes again for the D’Innocenzo brothers

In one scene you emerge from the water and the darkness, almost like a monster. What was it like to transform like this?

I don’t think I’ve turned into a monster. I think the monstrosity is out in our lives, on the news, in what we see outside the window. Then we are so immersed in this violent world that we end up absorbing things. In my opinion we have not told about monsters: we have told with deep love of human beings in difficulty.

America Latina 4

Latin America: Elio Germano, Astrid Casali, Carlotta Gamba, Federica Pala in one scene

For the look of the protagonist, were you also inspired a little by Walter White from Breaking Bad? The goatee, the head shaved a little remind him.

I do not know what you’re talking about. The shaved head is to tell about this process that takes place in this head, in this world contained in that mind.

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