Eli Sulichin, of great importance in the work of Benjamín Vicuña: the details

Benjamin Vicuna He stood out with his leading role in “El Primero de Nosotros”, a series that Telefe aired until a few weeks ago. However, he is already completely focused on a new project that will mean his return to theaters and will have a partner from the aforementioned fiction.

He currently has an agenda more than loaded Pampita’s ex and has already started with the final rehearsals of “The Groholm Method”with Raphael Ferro Y Laura Fernandezled by Cyrus Zorzoli (“The truth”). According to what he reported the Pavada of Daily Chronicle, his girlfriend Eli Sulichin has gone to several rehearsals to give him her opinion.

In addition, they maintain the idea of ​​opening on Friday, August 12 at the Metropolitan Sura. Like little, Benjamin Vicuna joined a Star+ project called “The Naked Voice” a series that will record from October.

The cast is not yet confirmed as it is finishing calling. Among others, Eleanor Benedettoto play the psychologist of Vicuña’s character, and Gonzalo Urtizberea. It is seen that the actor will take vacations in the summer, since he has a shooting end date for December 23.

Benjamín Vicuña, happy with Eli Sulichin.

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