Eleven from Stranger Things wants more characters dead – and the reason is hilarious

It’s always sad for fans when a beloved character is killed off in a series. However, for Millie Bobby Brown, it would be nice if some characters were killed off in Stranger Things.

In an interview with The Wrap, the actress, who plays Eleven, said the cast is getting so big that it’s hard to take a group photo.

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Then, the star teased that maybe it’s a good time for the creators of Stranger Things to start killing off more characters.

“Last night, we couldn’t even take a group photo. There were about 50 of us. This is getting ridiculous, I think they need to start killing off some characters.”

The child cast of Stranger Things

Comparison with Game of Thrones

The actress also teased that Stranger Things should become more like Game of Thrones, a series known for killing off a number of key characters.

“The Duffer Brothers are sensitive, they don’t want to kill anyone. We need to be like Game of Thrones.”

“We need to have the same mindset as Game of Thrones,” said Millie Bobby Brown, jokingly.

The fifth season of Stranger Things will be the last. Shooting begins in 2023, with a possible release in 2024.

The series has established itself as one of the biggest hits in the history of Netflix. The fourth season had a great reception with the fans.

Stranger Things is now available on Netflix.

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