Elementary: first trailer of the new Pixar

“Elementary”, one of the next films from the Pixar studio, has just unveiled its superb trailer. Directed by Peter Sohn, the feature film will offer a collision of several universes through a romance that already promises to be ultra touching.

Elementary : the next Pixar is unveiled

Expected on June 21, 2023 in dark rooms, Elementary takes place in the city of Element City where the four elements, earth, water, air and fire live in perfect harmony. A decor that will house the wonderful romance between Flam and Flack, which however everything opposes. The former belongs to the element of fire, while the latter is a member of water. However, they will break codes and traditions to become closer and closer.

Elementary © Disney/Pixar

Elementary is directed by Peter Sohnwhich has already distinguished itself in the past with Arlo’s Journey. On the casting side, we know, for the moment, that Leah Lewis will double Flam, while Mamoudou Athie will be the voice of Flack. We do not yet know the French voices.

An amazing first trailer

Disney and Pixar have just unveiled the first images of Elementary. More than a trailer, this is of an entire sequence which is offered to viewers. Pixar has chosen to reveal to the public the meeting scene between Flam and Flack.

We thus follow the young Flam, hidden under her hood, who takes the Element City skytrain. In his headphones, we can hear Hell N Back by Bakar. While the music serves as an accompaniment to the scene, Flam obviously seeks to be as discreet as possible.

In the metro, she meets members of air, water and earth, but none of his compatriots from the fire. This suggests two options: either the members of fire are not accepted in public places because of their dangerousness, or they are much less numerous than the other elements. Flam continues to stroll through the corridors of the metro, meets original and colorful users, before dropping his helmet. It was then that she met Flack.

As usual at Pixar studios, Elementary offers an insane visual approach and an aesthetically generous and extraordinary universe. Even if this first teaser does not reveal much, it is clearly mouth watering. There is enough mystery to create high expectation on the fans’ side.

Pixar and Disney accompanied their first trailer with a magnificent official poster:

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