Electric Jaguar catches fire while charging. The owner: “There were explosions and then it was engulfed in flames”

He had left to load his own Electric Jaguar I-Pacebut when he came back to take it back, the car was in ashes. Literally pulverized. Gonzalo Salazar he bought it in 2019 and had no problems so far. With an aggressive and sporty design, the SUV had received critical approval: Salazar’s, however, was evidently defective. Interviewed by the site Electrek, the man said that until mid-June 2022 he had never found any anomalies in his car. Then the incident: “On June 16 I connected the car before going to bed. On the morning of June 17th I woke up and I unplugged the machine; then, later on, I decided to run some errands. I drove about 12 miles before returning home and parking the car in the garage, leaving the door open – she began -. While I was doing things around the house though I heard bangs coming from the garage. I went to see and, upon entering, I found myself faced with a thick wall of smoke. My thought was immediately: ‘When there is smoke there is fire’ and I took the car out of the garage ”. The timely intervention of man, however, was not enough. Resident in Boyton Beachin Floridain a residential neighborhood of terraced houses, typical of the American style, returned home again to pick up his cell phone, Salazar was surprised by the spread of the smoke: “I went home to pick up the phone and I also noticed that all the smoke in the garage had now filled my house as well because the A / C unit is right next to the garage door – he continued -. While I was trying to clear the house of smoke, I called Jaguar roadside assistance to get him to pick up the car, but when I finished the conversation with them there were more explosions and fire appeared from under the car. I then called 911 (the emergency number in United States) to help me, but once the fire broke out, there were more bangs and the car was quickly engulfed in flames“.

Once the car was taken to the street, the firefighters came to the rescue and sprayed fire retardant foam on the vehicle. No way: “The car was still humming from the front”, The man specified. Of the SUV, only the front part with the two wheels remained intact, while everything else was burned by the fire. The Jaguar then withdrew the remains of the car e Salazar said he cleaned up the place of the ‘accident’ himself. And that’s not all. “My insurance company sent a forensic specialist who carried out the investigation and declared the car a ‘total loss’,” said Salazar. But Jaguar didn’t help. He said they must complete their own investigation, but due to the risk of reigniting the fire, I am unable to find a place to lift the car. Their ‘investigations’ are therefore suspended and they do not assume any responsibility for what happened “.

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